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GoPro HD Hero Vs. ContourHD 1080p

Gopro Motorsports Hero Megapak

ShareProduct Update: The Contour HD 1080p has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Instead of the Contour HD 1080p, you may be interested in the Contour+ (PLUS) or Contour GPS. Hi and welcome to my review and comparison between these two great cameras. This review will help you if you’re weighing up …

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Drift Car Crash On Board Camera

ShareA Nissan 240sx on a slippery drift track with concrete walls close to the edge of the track all the way round can’t end well. This video gives you a view of what the passenger saw as he watched the concrete wall come at him at 40mph.

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Best HD Action Camera For Car Racing?

What’s The Best HD Cam For In-Car On-Car? There are many HD action cams to choose from, but which is the best for the type you want? Here’s a look at the leading 4 HD cameras for car racing.