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Replay XD1080 Camera Review


The Replay XD1080 Camera is the world’s most compact and lightweight full HD video camera available to buy and is the perfect product for taking action shots in extreme conditions.

The camera is super resilient to all weather conditions and can endure any rough treatment you give it. Combine that with the high quality audio and video and you have a very competitive action camera.

The following is my review of the small Replay XD 1080 helmet camera.

Replay XD 1080 Review

Below you’ll find in-depth details on camera specs, features, pros and cons of this new mini-camera perfect for the extreme sport enthusiast.

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Right-o. let’s get into the info about this powerful little camera.

First off, It’s Super Simple to Use

The compact design makes for simple use. It’s very easy to operate and features simple On/Off and Start/Stop buttons for fast, efficient recording.

In addition to this, the two mounts that come with the XD1080 camera along with the 360 degree rotating lens allow you to position the camera in over 1 million different mounting positions for ultimate flexibility while recording.

Replay XD1080 HD Video Action Camera Review Full Image

What’s In The Box:

– 1 * Replay XD1080 Camera
– 2 * Curved Base Snap Trays
– 2 * Flat Base Snap Trays
– 2 Replay XD Decals
– 1 * 4GB MicroSDHC Card
– 1 * HDMI Cable
– 1 * USB Cable
– 1 * Universal USB Wall Adapter
– 1 * Car USB Charge
– 1 * HeimlLock Adjustable Mount
– 1 * LowBoy Fixed Mount
– 1 * Nylon Ballistic Case
– 1 * Silk Camera Bag
– 1 * Windbreaker Decal Kit
– 1 User Guide

Camera Specs:

– Video Resolutions: 4 including [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
– Size: 1.1 inches x 3.6 inches
– Weight: 3 oz

Camera Features:

– Built in HDMI connector which allows you to stream your HD video recordings live
– Built in LED and vibration feedback which gives you a simple audible and visual sign that the camera’s ready to record
Compact, lightweight design which makes the camera very portable and allows you to easily attach it to handlebars, helmets and more
– Four video resolutions which allow you to match the video quality to your environment
Full 360 degree rotating lens with spherical adjustment and eccentric cam-lock which allows you to mount the camera at any angle
Internal and external audio which allows you to maximize sound quality during your recordings
– Water-resistant, hard anodized, rugged aluminum housing which protects the camera from the elements and allows you to shoot videos in a range of weather conditions

testimonials Good Points

1. Low Price: At less than $250, the Replay camera is one of the cheapest portable action cameras on the market. It represents excellent value for money and comes from a reliable, well respected brand, so even if you’re operating on a tight budget, this camera’s a very viable option.

2. Small and Highly Portable: The XD1080 camera weighs just 3 oz and measures just 3.6 inches by 1.1 inches which makes it the smallest, lightest video camera currently available. This is a huge benefit if you’re planning to record lots of high action videos as you can be sure the camera won’t get in the way or weigh you down as you record.

3. Very Durable: If you’ve had action cameras break on you in the past, the Replay Camera is definitely worth checking out. The high quality casing allows the camera to withstand a considerable amount of punishment, so even if you drop it or crash your bike while using it, it will continue to function and record video properly.

4. No Distortion with Wide Angle – Most of the competing cameras have wide angle filming capabilities but suffer from warping or distortion. The XD 1080 produces video with minimal distortion to get an enjoyable final production.


Bad Points

1. Low Battery Life: One area where the XD1080 camera falls short compared with its competitors is its battery life. At best, you’ll get 2 hours of power from the battery and since it’s securely sealed into the camera, it can’t easily be replaced. This is a frustrating feature if you don’t have easy access to power and makes all day recording sessions harder than they should be.

2. Difficult Editing Options: Editing is another feature that’s lacking in the Replay camera. Most action video cameras on the market come with easy, intuitive editing options but to edit videos on this camera, you have to edit a text file. While this is necessary to keep the camera small and light, it is not very user friendly and takes a lot of getting used to.

Video Sample

Video shot 100% with Replay XD 1080 camera

Summary – Should You Buy It?

The size and weight alone make the XD1080 camera a fantastic product that’s well worth picking up.

When combined with the durability, these aspects make it one of the most versatile action cameras money can buy and allow you to get a high quality recording of whatever set pieces you choose from almost unlimited angles.

While the editing does take some getting used to and the battery life isn’t ideal, the overall performance of the camera is solid and the Replay camera comes highly recommended.

Price and Availability – Where to Buy for the Best price?

The Replay XD 1080 camera is currently available through their official website, and severl retailers on

– Listed Retail Price: $249.99
Amazon Price: $229.99

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If you decide to buy, remember to grab your accessories so you get the most out of your camera and shopping experience. An extra battery, SD card, mounts, cases, poles etc.. when bought at the same time will lower your shipping cost.

Enjoy and thanks again for checking out my Replay XD 1080 review.

– Drift Cam