Finally Play Back Your GoPro Video With A BacPac

The long wait is over!

GoPro Hero HD users can finally see and hear instant replays of their footage with the new clip-on LCD screen call the ‘BacPac’!

It’s a detachable LCD screen that clips on the the back of the GoPro 1080p HD HERO camera.

(Sorry HERO 960 and standard definition GoPro owners, this won’t work with your cameras)

Watch this demo vid to see how it works…

Here are the specs…

  • Compatible with GoPro HD HERO (Helmet, Motorsports, Surf, or Naked)
  • LCD Screen size: 2″ / 50mm
  • Dimensions: 2.3″ x 1.56″ x 0.44″ / 58 mm x 40mm x 11mm
  • Net Weight: 1.0oz / 30g
  • Gross Weight (HD HERO Camera with LCD BacPac, Battery, SD Card and Quick-Release Housing): 8.0oz / 228g

Staying with the GoPro “smaller is better” theme, the BacPac LCD screen makes your camera set up only 11 mm thicker. Not too much bulk to worry about at all.

And because the BacPac is a removable accessory, you use it only when you want to. So you can keep your camera as small and light as possible when shooting and push on the LCD BacPac only when you want to play the footage back.

Of course, you can keep the BacPac attached when you film if you like too. Oh, so many options!

But I know what you’re thinking.. “I will need to get bigger housings!!”

Yes, you’re spot on. Because you’re adding an 11 mm LCD screen on the back of this, your original housings won’t fit.

But good old GoPro has you covered here!

When you buy a GoPro LCD BacPac for the fair price of $63.99, you get a whole box of (4) bigger sized housing for your setup.

  • [1] Waterproof LCD backdoor for HD HERO housing
  • [1] Waterproof LCD backdoor for HD Wrist housing
  • [1] Non-waterproof LCD Skeleton backdoor for HD HERO housing
  • [1] Non-waterproof LCD Skeleton backdoor for HD Wrist housing

This definitely an essential accessory for any HD HERO owner. This just about makes it the perfect action camera out there.

And did I mention that you can control your cameras settings using the screen too? This is way too cool.

Go get your BacPac now!

– Drift Cam

GoPro HD Hero 960 – A Cheap HD Action Camera

Have you been wanting to buy a GoPro camera but didn’t want to fork out a whole lot of money for one?

Gopro hero 960Well now you can have all the fun with a HD GoPro action camera for less than the usual price.

Introducing the GoPro HD Hero 960!

Fortunately for those of us on a budget, yes, there are some cheap HD action cameras on the market!

Without a doubt, one of the cheapest HD action cameras would have to be the GoPro HD Hero 960.

You are probably familiar with the GoPro brand name, so even thought it is cheaper than the rest, you know you’re getting a quality camera.

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HD170 Stealth Review – Black Is Back

[notice]IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Drift HD170 Stealth is now on sale for $100 off the regular price! You can now get one for just $249.99 – that’s a full $100 discount. That’s cheaper than a GoPro! Click Here To Take Advantage Of This Offer Before It Expires[/notice]

drift stealth camera

New HD170 Stealth - Looks hot!

Whatever you do, don’t drop the new HD170 Stealth action camera in tall grass on a dark night, because the all-black “stealth” coloring will make it next to impossible to find!

But the new stealthy coloring isn’t the only thing new about the HD170 Stealth camera from Drift Innovations.

Want it? Get it here

What’s new or different the Drift HD170?

The big new change to this model is the new processing chip that allows you to shoot 60fps video at 720p resolution for ultra smooth slow motion replays among other HD resolution options.

Just like the orange and black Drift HD170 model, the Stealth has got the same overall killer features, specs and design.

The low-laying durable, water resistant case is great for mounting anywhere on bikes, inside our outside cars or on your helmet.

Of course, as the HD in the title suggests, it comes with all the usually HD filming options you want for that crystal clear footage.

HD resolutions: 1080p (25 / 30 fps), 720p (25 / 30 / 50 / 60 fps)

Capturing the perfect shot is made easy with the swiveling lens that can rotate 300 degrees – no more fiddling with the mount to get it perfectly up and down.

The Drift Stealth camera

stealth camera from drift innovations

All the cool stuff you can get for the Stealth camera!

Want to mount it on the side of your car or out of arms reach?

No problems, because you get a remote control that straps onto your wrist which turns recording on and off up to a 5m range!

Other cool features of the HD170 Stealth:

– Shoot 5 Mega pixel still pictures on the camera and with the remote too.

– Automatically shoot a sequence of still-shots so you can get that time-lapse effect without burning through your battery and SD card.

1.5 inch color monitor built-in to the side of the unit for instant playback with sound too!

– USB rechargeable battery,

HDMI output to hook directly up top your TV,

– SD card slot which can fit a 32 GB SD card for hours of HD recording.

Whether you strap it on to your helmet while riding your dirt bike or attach it to your drift car, the Drift HD 170 Stealth has got it all to capture awesome HD footage easily and the whole package looks great too.

Click Here To Get Your Drift HD170 Stealth For Just $249.99 – And Save $100!

Price includes free shipping anywhere in US and Canada and you’ll also receive a free bonus filming guide.

– Drift Cam

MSR-200 HD Motorsport Camera Review

The compact yet fully functional Hoyt MSR-200 HD motorsports camera was designed to be the first POV camera especially for on-board and in-board motorsport filming from the Hoyt Tech company.

MSR 200 motorsport - Nice LCD screen!

At first sight, the Hoyt MSR-200 might look a little plain from the design of the outer body, but don’t let first appearances fool you!

Small Camera, Small Price…

This little palm-size action camera packs a heavy punch when you look at all the quality features and accessories you get with it right out of the box – and for the price it might be the best value sports action camera on the market at a mere $289.99.

(On Sale for $60 OFF the regular price of $349.99as of September 2011 on

BIG Features

Not only does the Hoyt MSR-200 stand up to competitors’ prettier HD action cameras (e.g. GoPro, Drift, Contour) in professional HD filming features… it’s much smaller, lighter and costs significantly less.

Whether you stick it on your car, go kart, on your helmet or on your bike as you tear around the track, this beauty will capture your footage in perfect 720p HD quality and not get in the way or weigh you down.

It will accept a 32GB memory card which will record a whopping 12 hours of uninterrupted clear HD footage.

The size is remarkably small and is the lightest of all it’s competitors weighing in at just 5.4oz / 154 grams. That’s about the same as a chocolate bar.

Starting and stopping recording is a breeze with the remote control.  That really makes life easier – and saves unwanted footage and battery power.

How about still shots? No problem. This puppy takes 3MP, 5MP and 8MP still photographs and has 2x digital zoom.

Hoyt MSR 200 motorsport camera

Want it? Get Yours Here

The sturdy case is weather proof so mounting it on the outside of your car or bike and going through rough terrain, water or dirty air is not going to harm it. And the glass lens cover is replaceable in case rocks or debris crack or scratch it.

On the subject of the lens, you can capture a nice wide 110 degrees which is wide enough to catch all your driving skills on the screen.

Battery power can last up to an incredible 2 hours of recording thanks to it’s internal and rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Li-Ion batteries works well in cold temperatures compared to alkaline batteries.

Another top feature that I must mention is that there is a 2.4 inch display monitor built-in to the compact body!

They really do fit everything you want into this little camera.

On the dash for real driving experience videos!

When you buy the MRS-200, you get all the cables you need to transfer the files to your computer and to recharge the battery.

And did I mention you can start and stop recording with the included remote control?

Quick Specs

Lens: 110° Wide Angle, non-rotating

Video: 720p HD (1280×720) @30 fps, 854×480 (WVGA) @ 60 fps for slow motion replay, 320×240 (QVGA) @ 30 fps (very small files – good for phone, portable media player?!)

Audio: Built-in microphone

Other: 64MB flash internal memory, accepts 32GB SD/SDHC card, remote control, embedded software for easy Youtube uploading.

What you get in the MSR-200 motorsports package.If you’re looking for a budget HD action camera and are looking for an amazing HD motorsport camera to put inside or outside your car, the MSR-200 from Hoyt Tech will give you the performance you want.

You can grab your MSR-200 HD action camera package which includes all the stuff in the picture above from at a $60 discount – making this one of the cheapest compact HD action camera package on the market today with just about everything you want.

Comes with wired remote, suction mount and 2GB SD card.

Click Here To Buy Your MRS 200 HD Here At $60 Off The Regular Price

Free Shipping to US and Canada. Price includes a Free Filming Guide.

– Drift Cam

Contour GPS HD Camera – Best For Motor Sports?!

Records Your Location, Speed and Altitude

After the popular best selling ContourHD 1080p camera comes its smart big brother and it comes in a bigger and badder form with the release of the ContourGPS.

The ContourGPS is certainly a great technological advancement in a new direction for HD action cameras – with the Contour leading the way in this new frontier.

Yep, you guessed it – this bad boy is equipped with a GPS tracking system.

GPS – What Does It Do?

But you may be thinking, “Wow.. that sounds cool, but what does the GPS let me actually do and why do I need it?”

Get ready to hold on to your seat because this is

really cool – especially if you’re planning to use it for capturing your motor sports racing. You’ll see why…

The built-in GPS system allows you to track your location, speed, and altitude multiple times per second, at the same time as capturing your driving in the typical wide range of High Definition formats.

More on the GPS system below.. but notice how it can track your “speed”?  That’s just what you want when you’re flying around corners in your drift car.

About the camera itself…

The CountourGPS HD has all the same features for recording great HD footage like the other Contour HD 1080p model.

You can choose your HD settings 1080p, 960p, 720p etc etc.

You still get the wide 135 degree lens to get all the action on screen.

It’s equipped with an internet 32GB memory card so there’s room for up to 8 hours of footage.

Sound recording comes via an omnidirectional microphone, which means in layman’s terms; the Contour GPS lets you capture the sounds you want while excess wind noise is reduced.

Coz doesn’t it suck to have your sound screwed by wind when you mount the camera on the outside of your car?

Some other cool features that are worth mentioning are that this Countour GPS model has Bluetooth.

What does that do? Well it’s a little unclear by the info I could find, but maybe send files directly to your iphone, ipad or PC? More info on the Bluetooth feature coming soon.


The GPS system automatically and very accurately pin-points your exact location, speed and altitude all the time when it’s recording. I guess you could say it ‘syncs’ the data with the footage.

So when you play back and watch your recordings with the interactive map and video player, you can see more than just the picture from the camera. You get the stats to add that extra thrill element to your viewing pleasure.

Want A Contour GPS? Get Yours Here

Create a MAP to prove you were there.

This cool feature will let you analyze and compare stats with your friends to try to beat them.. or just beat your own records!

So let’s say you’re using it to record your drifting or circuit racing runs.

You can analyze your speed in certain areas of the track. See who was faster around this corner, down this straight?

The tracking for location might not be ultra useful for drifting or motor racing.It depends how pin-point it really is.

If it’s really accurate, you can trace and compare your racing/drifting lines which is really cool.

On the other hand, it could even get you into trouble with the law if you decide to do some illegal street drifting.. watch out!

Recording altitude may not be that useful of a feature either for car racing… unless you’re doing jumps off the famous Ebisu circuit’s south course jump and want to see how much air you got! 😉

Is This The Best Action Camera for Motorsport?

Quite possibly if you think how the GPS system can help you and how well it works to monitor and record your speed, location and altitude!

Regardless of the GPS, the ContourGPS is a great HD action camera suitable for any extreme sport as all the Contour models.

Action cameras just seem to keep getting better and better. What will they think of next?

At this rate 3D action cameras will be here by Christmas! (update: they already are)

But today, the Contour GPS HD has it all and more.

Get the full specs, prices and availability below…

Click Here To Get The ContourGPS Standard package

Click Here To Check Out The ContourPGS Mega Pack

– Drift Cam

p.s. You may also be interested in the Contour+ (plus) camera. It takes HD action cameras to yet another level!

Drifting Video With Onboard Camera

Here’s a cool video floating around with onboard camera drifting action!

Looks cool doesn’t it? He only needs another camera on the other side so he can get the car in front all the time.

Unfortunately, the camera and mount used for this footage is unknown! There’s no info in the video description! But it looks done with a HD camera either way.

Drift Cam

Best HD Action Camera For Car Racing?

Looking for info on the best HD action camera for car racing but are having a hard time because there are just so many to choose from?

There are quite a few high quality action cameras on the market and they all look very similar in features and price, so it’s hard to know which one is the best.

Let’s take a closer look at the five best selling HD action cameras you can use to capture your car racing footage.

In this review and comparison, we’ll look at the Drift HD170 Stealth, ContourHD 1080p, GoPro Motorsports Hero,  Hoyt MSR-200 and HD Extreme Max action cameras.

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GoPro HERO Vs. HD170 by Drift Innovation – And the Winner is…

[important]Update: The orange and black Drift HD170 camera has been discontinued so availability has become severely limited. Drift Innovation’s closest model is the Drift HD170 Stealth camera which is a new and improved version of the HD170.

Read more about the Drift HD170 Stealth here. However, you may be interested to learn about the new, smaller Drift HD camera from Drift Innovation which is smaller, lighter and even better than the HD170 Stealth. [/important]

Tossing up whether to get a GoPro Hero HD 1080p or the Drift Innovation HD170?

Let’s compare these two popular action cameras and review which one is the best overall by way of features, specs, reliability and of course price. Continue reading

Drift X170 Camera – Best Bang For Your Buck

[important]UPDATE: The Drift X170 has been discontinued. Please check out my reviews on the available cameras from Drift Innovation. The Drift HD170 Stealth and the new palm-sized Drift HD.[/important]

This page is just for reference purposes only.

The Drift X170 sports action camera was the first big hit action camera from Drift Innovations to rival the GoPro and Contour cameras.

It was the original release from Drift Innovation and the start of a huge successful line of products such as the Drift HD170 and HD170 Stealth . But unfortunately, it has lost popularity to it’s bigger and better HD brothers.

However, the Drift X170 is great all-round camera for amateurs or those on a budget looking for a quality and durable sports camera with all  the cool features – but isn’t necessarily looking for HD quality.

Although this item does not support HD video like it’s brother the HD170, you still get DVD quality resolution (720 x 480px) at a much cheaper price to it’s HD counterparts.

Drift Innovation made a great looking and performing camera with the X170. Many of the features are the same as the HD170. You only miss out on a couple of luxuries with this cheaper version.

You still get…

You still get the wide angle 170 degree lens that lets you capture all the action of your driving. Setting up the perfect shot is a cinch with the 300 degree rotating lens!

It’s water resistant and durable body looks great. It might be a little bigger than the usual sports camera, but that’s because it houses a 1.5″ inch color screen for instant viewing of your recordings.


No longer do you have to mess around getting the angle right. Just mount it how ever you like then adjust the lens to get it square up and down.

What you might not like so much is that the batteries for this can be any AA batteries (sold separately).

There is no rechargeable battery that comes with it like the HD version, so you’ll need to replace them when they die.

Sure you can use rechargeable AA batteries but it’s a little pesky to have to take them out and put them in all the time.

There are many more features that makes the X170 drift camera a winner for the price.

UPDATE: Because this action camera has been discontinued, you may want to check out the other cameras from Drift Innovation. The Drift HD170 Stealth and the new palm-sized Drift HD

-Drift Cam

Contour HD 1080p Action Camera Reviewed

Contour (formerly VholdR) is setting the pace in quality while providing an affordable HD action camera with it’s ContourHD 1080p.

Although this is the basic model in the  line up of HD cameras from Contour, it’s perfect for those who want a great quality action camera but doesn’t need all the bells and whistles.

Great Features

The standard ContourHD 1080p is a compact, sleek designed and durable helmet camera.

It’s simple design and easu-of-use makes it suitable for amateurs but provides quality suitable for professional use.

Of course we’re talking about HD video in a number of resolution settings.

  • 1080p recording at 30 fps (frames per second)
  • Tall 960p at 30 fps
  • 720p with two choices of 30 fps or 60fps for slow-motion
  • Non-HD setting – WVGA (848×480) for smaller files

These are the typical HD settings on almost all HD action cameras these day with the exception of the Tall 960p which is unique to Contour cameras.

With this type of control over the video quality, you can capture all the action in the highest quality.

The wide angle lens lets you capture 135 degrees of scenery.

While not as wide as GoPro HERO and Drift HD170 Stealth which have 170 deg, it is still nice and wide enough to capture the action ahead of you.

When mounted in or on your drift car or bike, you won’t miss any footage of the track and it’s surroundings.

Light, Small & Mountable

No, I’m not talking only about the type of girl I like…

The compact, light-weight design is perfect for helmet and goggle cam application, but as usual, there are several mounting options available for the Contour HD 1080p.

But unfortunately, not many mounts come with the standard package.

You get two mounts with the standard ContourHD 1080p package. A goggle mount and a flat surface mount.

So you might be looking on spending a little more to get the mounts you want. i.e. suction mount, roll cage mount, bike frame mount etc.

Fool-Proof Recording

You won’t have to fuss around turning the Contour HD 1080p on and off  or wonder whether it’s recording or not.

The top-mounted sliding record/stop switch on the top of the unit lets you make no mistake about if your camera is filming or not.

And to help you line up your shot, it has two bright red lasers that shoot out the front on opposite sides of the lens so you can align the frame easily.

The lens can rotate 180 degrees too so you can get a perfectly horizontal shot if you mount it on a sloped surface. e.g. your windshield or car window, body kit etc.

Because it doesn’t have a built-in screen you can’t view your videos right after. You have to wait till you get home to your computer and use the special Contour editing software (PC and Mac compatible).

Affordable Quality

The nice thing about the ContourHD is the price.

It’s very affordable at just $249.99 a pop for the standard HD 1080p package.

Or $319.99 for the ContourHD 1080p Megapack (extra battery, mounts etc)

*prices from as of July 14 2011

It’s a great choice if you just want to get out there and shoot good HD video without fussing with any of the ‘extra’ stuff you might not need.

For more info on specs, prices and availability on the Contour HD 1080p, click here

– Drift Cam

p.s. If you like Contour cameras but are looking for one with the ‘bells and whistles’,  then check out the ContourGPS and ContourPLUS.