crazy nascar crashes video compilation

Nasty Nascar Crashes Caught on In-Car POV Helmet Camera

NASCAR: Just drive around in a circle and turn left, how hard can it be? Well as we can see, when something goes wrong in Nascar, it goes very wrong!

Nascars can reach speeds of 200mph (300kmh) which is insanely fast to be going on a banked track with a dozen or more cars doing the same speed. It’s a pile-up waiting to happen.

At those speeds, there is little the drivers can do to avoid crashes, as we can see in this video below.

In this video: From the first person point of view helmet-mounted on board camera, see Bubba Wallace’s blazing Daytona 500 accident, Joey Logano’s stunning near miss of his flying car at Talladega, and many other close calls and hard knocks!

From this point of view, we can see just how fast they’re going and how little time or chance they have to avoid getting involved in the crash. The only thing they can do it hold on and go for the ride.

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Hopefully you won’t have the bad luck we see in this compilation of Nascar crashes video. Stay safe on the roads and on the track.

Driftcam Team