In Car Drifting Video

This has got to be the single most viewed in car drifting video on the internet… it’s pretty old but it’s still awesome!

This is raw drifting talent at it’s best. Low power but lots of speed and angle.

The car is a AE86 corolla (Levin or Trueno in Japan) which were the drift car of choice back in the 90’s when drifting was emerging.

This in-car footage really gives you a good sense of the speed and angle he’s getting.

He must have the window down because the wind noise is dang loud!

But the engine is also loud so luckily you can hear that. He’s really giving it hell isn’t he? But those AE86’s can take that kind of abuse.

The video quality is a bit low but that’s because it was probably made 10 years ago with a big old handy cam.

Might be time to upgrade to a Contour or GoPro HERO camera to get rid of the wind noise in his next videos.

But with drifting skills this good though, he should be able to get a sponsor to get him an action camera!

– Drift Cam