How to Fix a Broken GoPro Camera or Lens

Have you just come home from what was supposed to be a “fun” day of making videos with you new GoPro camera but it suddenly turned bay because you dropped your GoPro and now it’s broken? Oh no! 🙁

Fixing a broken GoPro camera is possible but it really depends on how badly it is damaged.

Many users regrettably have to look to buy a new GoPro because they have no time to track down and purchase parts or have time to fix it themselves.

However, if you are determined to fix it yourself, here are some options to look at to get your camera back in the action.

Fixing A Broken Or Scratched Lens

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Fortunately, there is the option to purchase a replacement lens kit for GoPro cameras.  There are actually TWO different lenses that can suffer damage.

The outer plastic casing lens and the lens on the actual body of the GoPro camera. If the lens on the actual body of your GoPro is broken, then the replacement lens you need is a fair bit more expensive than the casing one.

Users are thus advised to take extra caution for their camera lenses.

To take care of a GoPro lens, users should make it a point to clean the lens glass with a microfiber fabric after usage. This way, the sharp residue that may affect both the screen and the lens may be removed and not cause dents or stains.

The lens cap should be put back on the lens right after using. This is to protect the lens from possible breakage and exposure to dust which can be sharp enough to scratch its surface. This is essential especially when the camera is used for outdoor shoots.

Fixing a Broken Camera

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There are a couple of options users may take when fixing a broken camera, and these depend on the kind of damage incurred. Among the solutions that users may follow include:

Replace the housing.

Besides having a scratched housing lens, a broken housing is the next most common issue that GoPro owners have. But a replacement can be bought for much less than a new GoPro camera. There are spare replacement housings available for purchase online intended for each model, thus users are able to know which type of kit to get for their unit.

The same solution applies to cameras whose lenses are broken even if the housing remained intact; this is because the brand does not offer raw lenses for sale. Owners may have to replace the lenses together with their housings in order for them to be repaired.

Perform a Reset

If the software seems to be playing up, i.e. the settings screen is frozen and unresponsive, usually a cameras reset will fix it. If problems still persist, you may try re-installing the software. GoPro often releases a new software version also so keep your eyes open for new software upgrades.

Replace the battery.

If your camera is having power problems, then there is a chance it could be a faulty battery.  There are times when batteries can ear out or simply you buy a dud battery. Replacement batteries are also sold separately which you can check out here.

Buying a New GoPro Camera

Hopefully, it won’t have to come to buying a new GoPro but sometimes the damage incurred proves to make the unit irreparable. If this is your case, then there is no other option than to look into purchasing a new GoPro camera. Sometimes buying a new camera is more worth it, as sending broken GoPro camera for professional repair may be more expensive than expected.

The best deals can be found online, and it’s usually the easiest option as shipping is reasonable and fast, and it can all be done from home on your computer.

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Thanks for reading and I hope this article helped you with ideas on how to fix your broken GoPro camera.

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