HD170 Stealth Review – Black Is Back

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drift stealth camera

New HD170 Stealth - Looks hot!

Whatever you do, don’t drop the new HD170 Stealth action camera in tall grass on a dark night, because the all-black “stealth” coloring will make it next to impossible to find!

But the new stealthy coloring isn’t the only thing new about the HD170 Stealth camera from Drift Innovations.

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What’s new or different the Drift HD170?

The big new change to this model is the new processing chip that allows you to shoot 60fps video at 720p resolution for ultra smooth slow motion replays among other HD resolution options.

Just like the orange and black Drift HD170 model, the Stealth has got the same overall killer features, specs and design.

The low-laying durable, water resistant case is great for mounting anywhere on bikes, inside our outside cars or on your helmet.

Of course, as the HD in the title suggests, it comes with all the usually HD filming options you want for that crystal clear footage.

HD resolutions: 1080p (25 / 30 fps), 720p (25 / 30 / 50 / 60 fps)

Capturing the perfect shot is made easy with the swiveling lens that can rotate 300 degrees – no more fiddling with the mount to get it perfectly up and down.

The Drift Stealth camera

stealth camera from drift innovations

All the cool stuff you can get for the Stealth camera!

Want to mount it on the side of your car or out of arms reach?

No problems, because you get a remote control that straps onto your wrist which turns recording on and off up to a 5m range!

Other cool features of the HD170 Stealth:

– Shoot 5 Mega pixel still pictures on the camera and with the remote too.

– Automatically shoot a sequence of still-shots so you can get that time-lapse effect without burning through your battery and SD card.

1.5 inch color monitor built-in to the side of the unit for instant playback with sound too!

– USB rechargeable battery,

HDMI output to hook directly up top your TV,

– SD card slot which can fit a 32 GB SD card for hours of HD recording.

Whether you strap it on to your helmet while riding your dirt bike or attach it to your drift car, the Drift HD 170 Stealth has got it all to capture awesome HD footage easily and the whole package looks great too.

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