GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac/Wi-Fi Remote Package

It’s about time GoPro released a remote control for their camera. After Drift and a handful of new releases have had remote controls included in the standard package, GoPro has caught up by releasing the Wi-Fi Bacpac + Wi-fi Remote.

A remote is essential for your GoPro is you want to control your camera and record the action hands-free,so you will surely appreciate the GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac kit.

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What’s Included In The Wi-Fi Remote Kit?

GoPro-wi-fi-bacpac-remoteThe kit includes two devices: the BacPac which is to be attached to the existing GoPro (original Hero and Hero 2) action cam and the wearable GoPro Wi-Fi Remote controller. As the Wi-fi name dictates, it relays the info in between the two devices with a wireless connection allowing you to have full control over the cameras in its range (180 meters): the on/off functions, the operating modes, the settings and the shutter are all easy to set with the device.

This small and very clever, state-of-the-art gadget allows you to  not only control your action cam remotely while it is mounted in a safe spot, from where it can take the most amazing wide angle images – it allows you to do this with as many as 50 different cameras at a time, in a 180 m range.

Each component of the kit features an inbuilt lithium-ion battery that provides extra long recording time. The kit includes separate chargers for the components.

And another great feature worth mentioning is the Live Streaming and uploading to social sites like Facebook, Youtube etc. This will be available soon in an upcoming firmware update.

GoPro-wi-fi-bacpac-remote-mountian-bikeCool Points/ Advantages

This GoPro Combo Kit is no doubt a really versatile, amazing tool for taking excellent clips. But what are the other advantages you should know about?

–       The small LCD screen on the BacPac shows the status of the camera (note: this is not an LCD screen for replaying videos and images. For that you need this Bacpac)

–       It is waterproof up to a depth of 3 m

–       The package includes a skeleton case

–       The kit includes an attachment strap and a key chain attachment.

–       Smart phone/mobile device compatibility. Hook up your GoPro videos and photos to your smart device for replays and camera control.

Things to know before you buy….

–       Your GoPro camera needs a firmware update before using the Wi-fi Remote Kit for the first time

–       Integration with all smartphone/tablet platforms is available but limited to single camera control. Check the GoPro updates page for news on this feature.

What do customers think about the kit?

Reviewers of the combo kit agree that the GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac is reliable, sturdy and comfortable to use.

The accessories offer several different mounting options, so bikers, skateboarders and other extreme sports enthusiasts all speak in superlatives about the product.

Recording each and every detail of the action is no longer a problem – control your camera from afar and get the most amazing pictures of all the stunts you can do with the GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac combo kit.

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Thanks for reading my review of the GoPro Wifi Bacpac + Remote combo and have a blast with it.

– Drift Cam