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GoPro Tips And Tricks: 7 Ways To Have More Fun

GoPro cameras are one of the most popular cameras in the world, and for good reason. They’re compact, rugged, and can be mounted to nearly anything. A GoPro can be a lot of fun for capturing your memories of countless activities – underwater sports, skiing, biking, surfing, and just about any other hobby or activity you can think of.

gopro tips

Although they are easy to use out of the box, they can offer more versatility if you know some tricks. For the most part they’re pretty intuitive to use, but what you might not know is that there are some hidden features that can make your experience with it even more enjoyable.

Owners have asked for tips about how to get the most out of their GoPro, so here are some helpful hints.

7 Tips For Getting The Most from Your GoPro:

Use a Selfie Stick

Use a selfie stick for your GoPro when you are recording. This will let you get unusual (but cool) angles for your videos and photos. A selfie stick is probably the best accessory you can get for your GoPro because you can almost take it anywhere: snowboarding, swimming, climbing and hiking, walking or cruising on a skateboard.

Use the Different video modes

Take advantage of the different shooting modes in your GoPro. Most models of GoPro have the same variety of modes – time lapse video, time lapse photo, slow motion mode, and burst mode. Using a different mode will give you a different and cool effect in the final video.

Use screens as a videwfinder

Use your GoPro’s front and rear screens as a viewfinder to keep the subject in the frame when making your videos. The later model GoPros like the GoPro 9 and GoPro 10 have front and rear screens which makes it easier for selfie videos and pictures to lin up the shot perfectly.

Use the FOV (Field of View) options

The later GoPro cameras offer a choice of built-in ‘digital lenses’ that you can choose to get your ‘FOV’ (field of view) correct. You have a few options of FOV – from narrow (standard), linear, wide angle and superview (the widest and tallest of all). So it means that if you’re trying to capture a tall, large building in the one shot, you can choose the ‘superview’ FOV setting to capture it all in the frame.

Use voice activation

Use GoPro’s voice control function to turn on/off the camera, to start/stop recording, etc. This will make it easier to control your camera if you don’t use the remote control or if you’ve got your camera mounted away from your body.

Use The Right Mount

There are dozens of different mounts available for your GoPro. For mounting your camera on a car, truck or boat windshield, use a reliable suction cup mount. For a helmet, bests use an adhesive mount. It’s always better to get quality mounts because a cheap, faulty mount might end up in your losing or breaking your expensive GoPro.

Use a Gimbal

A gimbal is a device that supports a camera or a video rig to help keep it steady and balanced. A gimbal allows you to hold the camera steady while you move during filming.

You can use a gimbal with any GoPro mount. Gimbals cost anywhere between $15 and $100 online at outlets such as Amazon. We highly recommend using a gimbal so you can get professional-looking smooth video footage.

Conclusion: We hope these tips and tricks will help you maximize the utility of your GoPro camera.

If you’re looking for a way to get the full story of your adventures in stunning high-resolution video and still shots, then consider picking up a GoPro action camera if you haven’t got one already!

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