GoPro Motorsports HERO HD Wide 1080p Review

Gopro Motorsports HERO reviewThe GoPro Motorsports HERO HD is the original wide HD camera for capturing your motor racing to perfection.

It has all the professional features that you are looking for which makes the HD Motorsports hero camera the obvious choice for avid motorsport drivers and drifters.

There is a reason why it’s called the ‘HERO’ because it was the first big hit camera of it’s kind way back when action helmet cameras were becoming popular and it’s still a leader today.

It was the leader then and still is the first choice for many action camera users today despite tough competition from Contour and Drift Innovation and other emerging brands.

The GoPro Motorports HERO camera is the same GoPro HD base camera that is found in the Helmet HERO and Surf HERO packages.

The only difference between all the packages is the contents of mounts that are included.

The GoPro HERO camera is a top of the line HD video camera which shoots amazing clear footage thanks to it’s 1080p HD resolution.

It’s waterproof to 60m (with the case) and all the mounting options you’d ever need for car racing are just a few things that this baby comes with.

  • Record in 1080p, 960p, 720p HD resolution at 30 frames per second
  • Choose 720p 60 frames per second for ultra smooth slow motion replays
  • Super wide lens for video shooting (170 deg in 920p/720p and 127 deg in 1080p)
  • Wide variety of different mounts for unlimited mounting positions so you can put the camera anywhere on your car
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 2.5 hours recording time on one charge (leading the field!)
  • Record up to 9 hours on a 32GB SD card (sold separately)

Now available is the MegaPack which includes all of this…

  • GoPro’s HD Motorsports HERO Camera System,
  • 16GB SD memory card,
  • An extra Li-Ion Battery for those long day shoots,
  • USB AC and car charger adapters,
  • roll bar clamp for in-car footage
  • tripod adapter

GoPro Motorsports HERO reviewSeen Enough? Get Your Gopro Here

What’s more is the affordable price tag GoPro offers for such a quality package. Maybe this is why they are so popular.. their prices are unbeatable!

The GoPro Motorsports pack with all you see above is a bargain at just $299.99 – there’s nothing else you need to go out, strap it on your car and go racing!

The MegaPack is a little more but still the cheapest megapack with a ton of extras.

What more could you want from a total action camera package?

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