GoPro “Bullet Time” – Ken Block Gymkhana Four The Hollywood Megamercial

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Four Hollywood Megamercial has been viewed over 8.2 million flippin’ times, so I will be very surprised if you haven’t see it yet. If you haven’t you’ve got to see it! Check out out at the bottom of this post.

You might notice a few times in the video a kind of matrix effect where the camera seems to glide through the air.

This is actually done with a whole bunch of GoPro HD hero’s all strung together side by side on a rail.

At first I thought it was just a single camera sliding along a rail but after looking into it, I found this video.

9 GoPro cameras where used to do just this test!

This flame throwing scene doesn’t actually make the cut in the final Gymknhana four video, but you can see where the same “bullet time” trick was used throughout the video.

Once as he takes off through the burning plane wrecks and another when the camera slides down from outside into the cockpit of Ken’s Ford Fiesta. Cool effect isn’t it?

You might be the last person on earth to watch this video, but here it is for good measure.

If you haven’t got a GoPro yet, get onto it!

If you have got one but want a dozen more to do your own “bullet time” videos, here’s where to get your GoPro cameras.

– Drift Cam