GoPro 3 vs. Contour Roam 2

If you’re shopping around for action cameras, you’ve probably seen the GoPro 3 and the Contour Roam 2 as two of the most popular. When comparing the features, price, and quality of each one, they look a pretty close call. Here’s a brief summary and comparison of the two cameras.

To start with, both of these action cameras record full HD video, are extremely durable, waterproof, and wearable. Each one does have its own special features that sets it apart from the other, so this is what you’re about to discover.Gopro 3 snorkeling

The things you want to look for in these types of cameras is their video and audio quality, FOV, or Field of Vision which comes from their wide-angle lenses, which can range from 127-170 degrees, and the overall Price.

Features of the GoPro 3

GoPro is known as the leader when it comes to action camera and this new Hero 3 camera seems to be the top of the line from GoPro and a leading on on the market.

With 4K video resolution (twice that of full HD) available with the GoPro Hero 3 Black edition, and still shots that come in at 12MP, this is something outrageously advanced for anyone. Although the 4K resolution is not all it’s cracked up to be, there are other cheaper versions with the White and Silver editions.

Another big advantage of this camera is it’s seriously light weight!

The weight of this camera comes in at about 75g which is a lot (around 50%) lighter than the Drift or the Contour. This makes the GoPro 3 a lot more comfortable to wear on your clothes and easier to hold as opposed to needing the mount at all times.gopro3_black_whats_included

The video quality this camera offers enables it to capture extra wide 1440p 48fps, 720p 120fps, and 1080p 60fps. The Black Edition offers the more advanced options as opposed to other models in the line and aside from the audio system the wind-noise reduction feature is something to talk about from many users.

Contour Roam 2

Contour roam 2 red reviewThe firsts big biggest difference between the two cameras here is the price. The Contour Roam 2 offers a serious discount over the GoPro 3 camera. The Contour 2 can be purchased for a wallet-friendly $199 as compared to $399 for the GoPro.

But as you can probably guess, it’s cheaper price means you don’t get as much inside and outside as you with the GoPro 3 deal like the 4K resolution, remote control, faster processing, Wi-fi, GPS and extra mounts.

The Contour roam 2 comes with just enough features and mounts for the beginner who wants a reasonably good camera. It makes a good “first action camera”!

blue contour roam 2One advanced feature you do get though that’s in common with the GoPro 3 is high quality video. You can choose your resolution from 1080p full HD, 960p, 720p and a nice 60 frames per second at the 720p setting.

I’ve written more about the Contour Roam2 in my full review but a few other features you get is that it’s waterproof without the need for an external housing and comes in a range of bright colors.

Another strong point is the long battery life of 3.5 hours as compared to only 2.5 for the GoPro.

contour roam 2 greenOf course the Roam 2 doesn’t come with all the hi-tech features and extras of the GoPro but includes enough mounts and options for amateur helmet camera enthusiasts to have fun and shoot good quality videos.

It’s definitely one of the more cost efficient models in the line up of action cameras.

Which One Takes The Cake?

So when it comes to the one that takes the cake, they both make great cameras for outdoor sporting events but it depends on your level of experience and budget.

The GoPro Hero 3 is great for those who want all the latest hi-tech features while the Contour Roam 2 is right for those wanting a basic but good HD action camera.

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No matter what camera you choose to buy, both are going to be great choices and will give you great video quality and provide fun for any occasion.

Thanks for reading my comparison review and I hope these help you make the right choice when buying one.

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