help my gopro is frozen

Fix: Help! My GoPro Is Frozen

Has your GoPro has become frozen? I know it’s a real bummer when that happens. We’ll cover what causes your GoPro to freeze in this post, as well as five easy and practical ways to unfreeze your GoPro, which take just a few minutes each.

5 Reasons (& Their Fixes) as to Why Your GoPro Can Become Frozen

There are five possible causes for your GoPro camera to become unresponsive. Unexplained glitches, outdated software, defective SD cards, overheating, and water damage are just a few of the possible problems.

Here’s a little additional information on each of the reasons your GoPro may stop responding and how to fix them.

Cause #1: Just A Plain Old Glitch

Electronics, even high-quality ones, can occasionally malfunction (like your GoPro).

This is most certainly the most typical cause of a freeze-up situation. It’s also the quickest and most straightforward thing to solve.

Read to the right (or below if you’re on a phone) to see the fix.

The Fix: Reset Your Camera

Press and hold the MODE button for ten seconds, then release the button. This will simply restart your camera without changing any of your settings. (if you have a Hero Session or Hero4 Session, hold down the top Shutter button for 10 seconds instead.)

If that didn’t reset it, remove the battery pack and put it back in and power your GoPro up again. It should work like normal again.

Cause #2: Outdated Software on Your GoPro

Your GoPro might be frozen to due bugs in an old version of the software. Just like your computer and phone, the software on your GoPro camera has to be updated on a regular basis.

Software updates can offer new functionality to a camera, while other times they might correct bugs that can cause the camera to freeze.

The Fix: Update Camera Firmware

Update Camera Firmware: Using the GoPro app, connect your camera to your phone and conduct the firmware update. It’s straightforward and really vital. Even if it does not resolve this particular bug, it will assist you in avoiding similar glitches and freezes in the future.

Cause #3: Your SD Card Is Bad

It’s possible that your SD card is damaged, glitchy, or that it was formatted for another camera and not for your GoPro. Sometimes SD cards go bad all of a sudden and can cause your GoPro to freeze up.

The Fix: Try another SD Card and Format it correctly

If you have another SD card on hand, try that one. Make sure that it meets the specifications that your GoPro model requires.

Also, make sure to format it, but be careful as formatting an SD card will erase all existing data on it.

Another option is to connect your current SD card to your computer and upload all your footage and pictures, then format it and reinsert it.

Cause #4: Your GoPro is Overheating!

Is your GoPro hot to the touch? This is a common issue with GoPros, expecially if you use 4K and high FPS because it puts a lot of load on the camera. And when batteries get hot, cameras like to shut off or freeze.

The Fix: Allow Your Camera to Cool Down

This is an easy fix. Just let the camera cool down in a shady or breezy place. You should move it out of direct sunlight.

For an even faster way to cool it, take it into an air-conditioned car or room and the temperature will go down fast, allowing you to get back to work on your project in a snap.

Cause #5: Water Damage

Water can enter the camera body through a broken gasket, an open port, or by diving deeper than the camera is designed to go. It will also lead your camera to behave in strange and frightening ways very rapidly. GoPro cameras are water-resistant, but they have limitations, like all electronic equipment.

The Fix: Dry Out Your Camera

Unfortunately, water in your GoPro is a problem you don’t want to have to deal with. This is especially true if the water contained salt or chlorine. It could mean the end of your GoPro, but don’t give up yet!

It is possible to save your GoPro by drying it out. Several users have reported success in drying their wet GoPro cameras.

Here’s a quick run-down of how to dry out a GoPro.

Yes, you guessed it, the old ‘pop it in a bag of rice’ trick can actually work to dry out a gopro.

But first, there are some steps to take. First, you’ll want to take it out of your housing/case, remove attachments, remove your SD card and battery.

Then, rinse it with fresh clean water if your camera got salt water or chlorinated water in it. If it was fresh water, proceed to the next step.

Next, shake as much water out of your camera as possible.

Finally, place it submerged in a bowl/bag of rice for 6 ~ 7 days. Replace the battery and SD card (make sure they’re dry also) and power it up.

If it still doesn’t work, try placing it under an air-conditioner for a day or two to get rid of any moisture that might still be present. A de-humidifier will also work.

My GoPro Still Won’t Work!

If you have tried all the 5 methods above and your camera still won’t go back to normal, then it might be the end of the line for it. It’s time to go shopping for a new GoPro (like the GoPro Hero 10) or a cheaper GoPro alternative.

If you do decide to get a new action camera, make sure to take care of it to avoid this problem in the future. But you know, sometimes cameras can just die for no reason at all, sadly. Anyway, here’s how to avoid your GoPro from freezing in the future.

  • Regularly update the firmware
  • Regularly switch off the camera after use
  • Format your SD card before filming
  • Try to keep it cool (don’t let it overheat)
  • Be very careful when using it in or near water/snow – water is a killer to anything electronic

We hope these tips have come in handy for you to unfreeze your GoPro. Good luck with all your action filming!

DriftCam Team