Drift X170 Camera – Best Bang For Your Buck

[important]UPDATE: The Drift X170 has been discontinued. Please check out my reviews on the available cameras from Drift Innovation. The Drift HD170 Stealth and the new palm-sized Drift HD.[/important]

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The Drift X170 sports action camera was the first big hit action camera from Drift Innovations to rival the GoPro and Contour cameras.

It was the original release from Drift Innovation and the start of a huge successful line of products such as the Drift HD170 and HD170 Stealth . But unfortunately, it has lost popularity to it’s bigger and better HD brothers.

However, the Drift X170 is great all-round camera for amateurs or those on a budget looking for a quality and durable sports camera with all  the cool features – but isn’t necessarily looking for HD quality.

Although this item does not support HD video like it’s brother the HD170, you still get DVD quality resolution (720 x 480px) at a much cheaper price to it’s HD counterparts.

Drift Innovation made a great looking and performing camera with the X170. Many of the features are the same as the HD170. You only miss out on a couple of luxuries with this cheaper version.

You still get…

You still get the wide angle 170 degree lens that lets you capture all the action of your driving. Setting up the perfect shot is a cinch with the 300 degree rotating lens!

It’s water resistant and durable body looks great. It might be a little bigger than the usual sports camera, but that’s because it houses a 1.5″ inch color screen for instant viewing of your recordings.


No longer do you have to mess around getting the angle right. Just mount it how ever you like then adjust the lens to get it square up and down.

What you might not like so much is that the batteries for this can be any AA batteries (sold separately).

There is no rechargeable battery that comes with it like the HD version, so you’ll need to replace them when they die.

Sure you can use rechargeable AA batteries but it’s a little pesky to have to take them out and put them in all the time.

There are many more features that makes the X170 drift camera a winner for the price.

UPDATE: Because this action camera has been discontinued, you may want to check out the other cameras from Drift Innovation. The Drift HD170 Stealth and the new palm-sized Drift HD

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