Drift HD170 Review- The Action Camera That Has It All At A Price

What a step up the Drift HD170 action camera by Drift Innovations is over the X170 hey?!

It looks the same as it’s older DVD quality sibling but this new HD model is a very powerful and appealing piece of kit.

It could be the only HD car action camera that gives you everything you want and more in one tight package if you don’t mind paying a little extra for them.

At first look, Drift Innovations’ range of cams may seem a little on the bulky side, and have a weird pointy shape but as you look closer at all the features it has, you it’s easy to forgive the drift HD170 for being that way.

All The Features In One Compact Camera!

What really sets the HD170 drift camera apart from other action cameras is the 1.5″ color display screen that sits bang in the middle of the orange and black housing.

This is great to watch the replay of your driving right after taking your video, but also to line up the frame perfectly before pressing the record button.

The outer casing is very heavy duty to take any bumps or hits – and of course it is water resistant to 0.5 meters. So there’s no worries about going through puddles with it mounted on the outside of your car.

Video footage quality is top notch quality too as you can expect a camera that advertises HD on it in big letters.

You get the usual selection of HD settings to choose from.

1080p and 720p, plus WVGA too if you want to conserve memory let you record crystal clear video footage every time.

Not only does this take video in HD but also 5 mega pixel still photos. There is the automatic photoburst mode which lets you take time delay sequence shots.

Mounting options for any sport!

All this captured through the 300 degree rotating lens so you can set the lens perfectly up and down wherever you mount it. And you get a lot of footage in the shot with the 130 degree wide angle lens.

Turning on and off is easy with big buttions and lights to tell you when it’s in recording mode.

But when you have it mounted out of arms reach, you can use the remote control which has a 5 meter range so no more tedious getting in and out of your car to turn off and on.

Battery power comes from a rechargeable 3.7V Lithium-Ion unit that lasts about 2.5 hrs while recording. Recharge with either an AC adapter or plug straight into your PC’s USB port.

You get all this!

Compared to other HD action cams on the market, the HD170 is a little more expensive than the Contour HD 1080p ($249) and GoPro HERO ($299) retailing at $329.99. (prices at POVcameras.com as of March 2011)

But when you add up the extra mounts and col features like the color monitor and remote, you can justify the extra costs.

With a full range of sports mounts that come with the HD170 plus others that are available, along with the long flat design, and easy to use control panel, it’s an awesome camera to capture drifting, motor racing or any other extreme sport.

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