Drift Ghost-S Review – What’s New With Drift’s Latest

Drift Innovation’s latest camera, the Ghost-S, improves on the performance of the Drift HD Ghost action camera, the company’s previous model.

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Official Video From Drift Innovation Showcasing The New Drift Ghost-S

Although the Ghost-S has the same design, the camera has a plethora of new features..

Including a battery large enough to supply over 3.5 hours of recording time – a major plus for helmet camera wearers who are used to models with a significantly lower battery life.

ghost-s review

Drift Ghost-S Review

  • The camera is waterproof to a distance of 9 feet, although a waterproof housing can be used to take photos down at 196 feet.
  • A 2 inch LCD screen is built-in, as is a durable lens which can be rotated to 300 degrees.
  • An external mic jack can be found in the back hatch, as well as mini-USB and HDMI ports, and a card slot which can support cards of up to 64GB storage.
  • Unlike the former Ghost, a new Sony 12 megapixel sensor can be found inside the camera, as well as a video processor that allows for faster frame rates.
  • The camera can record at 1080p and WVGA at a number of different frames per second.


  • The video compression can also be adjusted with a choice of high and low bit rates.
  • If time-lapse photography is your thing, the Ghost-S can do that as well, with settings for shots every 0.5 seconds up to every 60 seconds.
  • The camera can even shoot 8 megapixel photos when recording video.
  • Some will find the LCD screen far too small, even for a helmet camera, although this can be rectified if you use the camera with a smartphone or tablet.

Camera features and specification

  • Like its predecessor, the Ghost-S has WIFI capability, and can connect to an iOS smartphone or Android device to play back photos and videos on a larger screen.
  • You can also control the camera directly from your smartphone or mobile tablet device, and a new “Clone” mode on the camera will enable you to connect to WIFI and sync five different Ghost-S cameras. Choose one of these to be the primary camera, press record, and the other four cameras will record as well. Clone mode also allows you to change the settings of all five cameras from one primary camera.
  • There are a number of different scene modes, including Low Light and Vivid, as well as “Slow Shutter” mode, that improves low-light camera performance.
  • The Ghost-S comes equipped with a RF remote that can be worn and used to start or stop a recording, and can control the shooting mode of four other cameras.


Comparison Video – Ghost Vs. Ghost-S

If you’re wondering whether the Ghost-S is any better than the original Ghost, this video will give you some idea of the difference in quality.

The video is in German but the video footage is clearly see. Just make sure to watch it in HD to see the actual quality. Change to HD in the settings.

Conclusion – Is It Worth Buying?

At $400, the Ghost-S is priced similarly to other helmet cameras of this type, although differs from competitors because of its long battery life, numerous features and WIFI capability.

Preview and review your photos directly from the LCD screen or make use of the camera’s time-lapse mode and create a mini-movie when you are on the go.

If you are looking for a camera that can shoot excellent quality images without the fear that the battery will give up on you, check out the Ghost-S, one of the best helmet cameras on the market when it comes to performance, specification and durability.

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US and Canada stores are taking pre-orders because the camera will be available early 2014.

Check Out Latest Prices From Amazon (US and Canada residents)

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Thanks for reading my Drift Ghost S review.

Have fun with your new camera and don’t forget to buy accessories like an extra battery, mounts and cases etc.

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