Drift Car Crash On Board Camera

A Nissan 240sx on a slippery drift track with concrete walls close to the edge of the track all the way round can’t end well.

This video gives you a view of what the passenger saw as he watched the concrete wall come at him at 40mph.

45MPH Into Wall – Canon 7D Crash Test from David Hintze on Vimeo.

Ouch! Crashing your drift car at 45mph into a concrete wall is not much fun at all.

Lucky he caught it all on tape though!

The camera used for this video was a Canon 7D – very expensive professional camera.

Not really good as an in-car action camera because of lack of mounting options (his hands).

Luckily his $2000 camera survived the crash.. unlike his 240sx.

Let his be a lesson to all of us.

If you’re gonna film drifting or any motorsports, get a Drift HD170 or GoPro Motorsports HERO and some sturdy mounts.

You never know what’s gonna happen out on the track and you want to be sure you video it if something like a crash happens!

– Drift Cam