Dragon Touch Vision 3 Pro Review

Dragon Touch Vision 3 Pro Review

Dragon Touch has released the Dragon Touch Vision 3 Pro waterproof action camera, which is capable of recording 4K video at 30 frames per second. The battery power will let you record as long as 90 minutes in 1080p and 60 minutes in 4K at 30fps. For still photos, you can snap away and capture 16 megapixels with each shot, and the 4x digital zoom lens means you can get a bigger picture of things far away.

The Dragon Touch Vision 3 Pro is great for scuba diving as it comes with a waterproof casing that can be submerged to a depth of 30 meters (98 feet) AND has a diving mode that changes the illumination underwater to better capture the landscape. Among the shooting modes available are time-lapse, slow motion, and burst shooting. You can also use the Dragon Touch Vision 3 Pro as a dashcam by connecting it to the cigarette lighter in your car.

Dragon touch vision 3 pro

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Dragon Touch Vision 3 Pro: Product Review

Video Quality

Because of its professional 4K/30FPS video and 16MP image resolution, this sports camera can capture breathtakingly beautiful moments. You can choose from a number of broad angles, including 70°, 110°, 140°, and 170°. It is entirely up to you whether you want a broad or narrow field of view. It also has a 4X zoom feature that allows you to change the distance between the subject and your camera.

The Dragon Touch Vision 3 Pro includes mounting accessories such as two 1050mAh rechargeable batteries and a variety of mounts that can be used in a variety of situations.

Vision 3 Pro accessories
Vision 3 Pro comes with ample accessories to get you started

Touch Screen

The Dragon Touch Vision 3 Pro features a 2inch touch screen with an IPS display. This is a feature which only the ‘Pro’ model gets. The “non-Pro” Dragon Touch Vision 3 camera didn’t get it which is why it’s a little bit cheaper.

The touch screen is a nice addition which makes it easier and more enjoyable to use and shoot. You can use it to play back your videos and also use it as a viewfinder to set up the perfect shot. 2 inches is a nice large-ish size so you’ll be able to enjoy and check your shots on the go.

Waterproof Ability

The Vision 3 Pro comes with a waterproof casing that can withstand depths of up to 30 meters (98 feet), ensuring that users never miss a moment when underwater snorkeling or participating in water sports. The camera is also well protected from scratches and impacts, thanks to the case. The action cam also has a diving mode that adjusts the illumination when underwater so that users may fully experience and record the surroundings while swimming.

Additional Features

Wi-fi is supported so moving your files to your smart phone or laptop is a piece of cake. You can download their app named “XDV” to your phone or tablet device to download and share your footage to your social profiles quickly.

Another useful function is loop recording, which allows movies to be recorded indefinitely while just the best bits are retained by the camera. When the micro SD card is full, the new files will overwrite the old ones. The time-lapse tool allows you to easily record over a lengthy period of time.

The burst photo feature allows you to shoot many images with a single click, guaranteeing that you capture the exact moment you want. Slow-motion replay of any diving, skiing, or other extreme sports feats will most likely be amazing as well.

Driving Mode

The Vision 3 Pro features a driving mode that lets you utilize the camera as a dashcam while driving. Attach the camera to the car cigarette lighter. It will turn on when the car is started and switch off when it stops, providing full proof of any accidents while driving, making the gadget multi-functional when traveling.


  • 4K 30 FPS video
  • Color Touch screen on back
  • Two 1050mah rechargeable batteries
  • 16MP photograph resolution
  • Driving Dash Cam Mode
  • High portability
  • Low priced compared with competitors


  • Not great quality mounts but are GoPro compatible
  • Does not record audio well inside waterproof case

What’s the difference between the Vision 3 and the Vision 3 Pro?

If you’ve ben researching, you’ll probably know that Dragon Touch makes a Vision 3 non-Pro version as well, which costs $10 less than the Pro. The only difference between the two is that the ‘Pro’ model has a Touch screen on the rear display whereas the Non-pro model doesn’t.

Dragon Touch Vision 3 Pro touch screen


The Dragon Touch Vision 3 Pro seems to check all the boxes that you would want in a modern action camera. It takes 4K video, can be taken underwater and has plenty of battery power (90 minutes in HD 1080p).

You can’t go passed its very low competitive price, (currently $79.99) making it a very appealing camera for the hobbyist or newbie who wants to take high quality video without having to fork out the high price of a GoPro. We think you’ll be very satisfied if you decide to purchase one for yourself.

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