Corvette Drifting Around Police Car & Gets Away With It

The driver of this Corvette must have big balls or have a very good friend in the police force. We can see this guy drifting around a police car with his C5 Corvette and the cops doing nothing. Hmm. This can’t be real. Kids, don’t try this unless you want to get arrested and/or your car impounded!

The driver’s donuts are neat and he looks like he is in control. He eventually stops with a smile on his face. Either he doesn’t care that he might get a massive fine and taken down to the station in cuffs for drifting on the street and refusing to pull over or this whole thing is set up. Better yet, what if the driver is actually a police officer? Oooh, the plot thickens.

What’s really cool about this cop car is that it’s a Foxbody Mustang 5.0! You don’t see many 1980’s cop cars patrolling the streets these days. That fact makes it extra sus whether this video is legit or not. Fake? I don7t know. You tell me. But I’d still really like to know the background of this video.

It looks like a smart phone video done by one of the driver’s friends. Would have been cool if we got some footage from a GoPro on the side of the car or on the windshield. There are plenty of GoPro alternatives too that he can look at.

Team Drift Cam