Contour + 2 Review

Thanks for coming to check out my review of the new Contour+ 2 action camera. In this review, you’ll learn about the new specs, design and features, as well as where to shop online for the best prices.

Contour Plus 2 Overview

A much-anticipated update from the original Contour+, the new action video Contour+2 still retains the features that made its predecessor a good contender in this market. It is $100 cheaper than the original Contour+, it took down notes from customer feedback and improved its design and software to make the new action cam even more appealing and it now has the ability to take stunning 1080p HD video and share your data everywhere, while using your smartphone as an on/off button or as a viewfinder.

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Contour plus 2 review

Sleek Design

The Contour+2 has kept its cool, sleek look with hard dark plastic that hold the camera inside. It still comes with the slider on top (so you can enjoy recording quickly by simply sliding it out to start, then sliding it back to stop), but was a bit improved with a manual lock to avoid accidentally recording with the Instant-On Record Switch. Although Contour+2 has completely removed the power button, the trademark beep that sounds off when you start recording is still there.

Replacing the power button at the back is the “Status” button (borrowed from its sister cam ContourROAM) that when pressed shows three lights (to represent the battery, memory card and GPS status). A front laser will also appear once you press this button, which makes it easier to some people to shoot with a red line as guide.

On the back, the Contour+2 has two rubber doors that house the HDMI socket (which lets you live-stream your event) and USB port. Like the Contour+, this new version retains the place of your 1050mAh batter and microSD card.

The Contour+2 keeps the rail mounts on both sides unchanged. It is still compatible to all other Contour mounting accessories.

At the bottom, the Contour+2 has a rubber-covered audio input, which gives you an option to add an external mic. A useful feature is the switch under the cam that makes changing between two shooting modes (you have chosen) quite easier.


The Contour+2 camera provides a better video quality using its 270-degree rotating lens, which gives you the freedom to mount the cam in any position. It also shoots 960p at 30fps, 720p at 30/60 fps and 420p at 120fps (those who love super-slowmo-ing their videos would definitely have fun with this cam), while giving you the option to shoot continuous 5PM photos with 1 second interval, or 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, or 60 seconds.

Contour + 2 record

contour + review bluetoothThe best improvement for this version is the updated Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to change cam settings using your smartphone and turns your phone into a remote viewfinder. Using Bluetooth is easy with the Contour+2 – a button is available just on top of the slider. Although iPhone and iPod compatibility is also possible thanks to the Contour Connect View card, video playback is not possible.

The built-in GPS tracking is a pretty nifty feature, if you wish to upload your videos to social sites like Facebook or YouTube, completed with GPS data (location, speed, elevation). This is possible with Contour+2’s updated software: the Windows or Mac-compatible Storyteller program.

The Price

What you get:

Aside from the camera, The Contour+2 package comes with a waterproof case (rated to 60 meters), a 4GB Micro SD card, rechargeable battery, a USB 2.0 cable, a mini HDMI cable, mic cable and two mounts – a profile mount and rotating flat surface mount.

Although Contour+2 is a hundred bucks cheaper than the original flagship camera, the $399 price is still higher than GoPro HD Hero 2 (currently priced at $299) and the $199 Sony Action Cam. However, if you’re after the extra features the Contour+2 offers, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a powerful helmet cam to add to your arsenal or great for your first one.

Combining the best features of both the Contour+ and ContourROAM, boasting wireless connectivity and GPS function, and enhancing its award-winning lightweight design, Contour has developed a top-of-the-line contender to the action cam market.

Best Place To Buy

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