Contour HD 1080p Action Camera Reviewed

Contour (formerly VholdR) is setting the pace in quality while providing an affordable HD action camera with it’s ContourHD 1080p.

Although this is the basic model in the  line up of HD cameras from Contour, it’s perfect for those who want a great quality action camera but doesn’t need all the bells and whistles.

Great Features

The standard ContourHD 1080p is a compact, sleek designed and durable helmet camera.

It’s simple design and easu-of-use makes it suitable for amateurs but provides quality suitable for professional use.

Of course we’re talking about HD video in a number of resolution settings.

  • 1080p recording at 30 fps (frames per second)
  • Tall 960p at 30 fps
  • 720p with two choices of 30 fps or 60fps for slow-motion
  • Non-HD setting – WVGA (848×480) for smaller files

These are the typical HD settings on almost all HD action cameras these day with the exception of the Tall 960p which is unique to Contour cameras.

With this type of control over the video quality, you can capture all the action in the highest quality.

The wide angle lens lets you capture 135 degrees of scenery.

While not as wide as GoPro HERO and Drift HD170 Stealth which have 170 deg, it is still nice and wide enough to capture the action ahead of you.

When mounted in or on your drift car or bike, you won’t miss any footage of the track and it’s surroundings.

Light, Small & Mountable

No, I’m not talking only about the type of girl I like…

The compact, light-weight design is perfect for helmet and goggle cam application, but as usual, there are several mounting options available for the Contour HD 1080p.

But unfortunately, not many mounts come with the standard package.

You get two mounts with the standard ContourHD 1080p package. A goggle mount and a flat surface mount.

So you might be looking on spending a little more to get the mounts you want. i.e. suction mount, roll cage mount, bike frame mount etc.

Fool-Proof Recording

You won’t have to fuss around turning the Contour HD 1080p on and off  or wonder whether it’s recording or not.

The top-mounted sliding record/stop switch on the top of the unit lets you make no mistake about if your camera is filming or not.

And to help you line up your shot, it has two bright red lasers that shoot out the front on opposite sides of the lens so you can align the frame easily.

The lens can rotate 180 degrees too so you can get a perfectly horizontal shot if you mount it on a sloped surface. e.g. your windshield or car window, body kit etc.

Because it doesn’t have a built-in screen you can’t view your videos right after. You have to wait till you get home to your computer and use the special Contour editing software (PC and Mac compatible).

Affordable Quality

The nice thing about the ContourHD is the price.

It’s very affordable at just $249.99 a pop for the standard HD 1080p package.

Or $319.99 for the ContourHD 1080p Megapack (extra battery, mounts etc)

*prices from as of July 14 2011

It’s a great choice if you just want to get out there and shoot good HD video without fussing with any of the ‘extra’ stuff you might not need.

For more info on specs, prices and availability on the Contour HD 1080p, click here

– Drift Cam

p.s. If you like Contour cameras but are looking for one with the ‘bells and whistles’,  then check out the ContourGPS and ContourPLUS.