Contour GPS HD Camera – Best For Motor Sports?!

Records Your Location, Speed and Altitude

After the popular best selling ContourHD 1080p camera comes its smart big brother and it comes in a bigger and badder form with the release of the ContourGPS.

The ContourGPS is certainly a great technological advancement in a new direction for HD action cameras – with the Contour leading the way in this new frontier.

Yep, you guessed it – this bad boy is equipped with a GPS tracking system.

GPS – What Does It Do?

But you may be thinking, “Wow.. that sounds cool, but what does the GPS let me actually do and why do I need it?”

Get ready to hold on to your seat because this is

really cool – especially if you’re planning to use it for capturing your motor sports racing. You’ll see why…

The built-in GPS system allows you to track your location, speed, and altitude multiple times per second, at the same time as capturing your driving in the typical wide range of High Definition formats.

More on the GPS system below.. but notice how it can track your “speed”?  That’s just what you want when you’re flying around corners in your drift car.

About the camera itself…

The CountourGPS HD has all the same features for recording great HD footage like the other Contour HD 1080p model.

You can choose your HD settings 1080p, 960p, 720p etc etc.

You still get the wide 135 degree lens to get all the action on screen.

It’s equipped with an internet 32GB memory card so there’s room for up to 8 hours of footage.

Sound recording comes via an omnidirectional microphone, which means in layman’s terms; the Contour GPS lets you capture the sounds you want while excess wind noise is reduced.

Coz doesn’t it suck to have your sound screwed by wind when you mount the camera on the outside of your car?

Some other cool features that are worth mentioning are that this Countour GPS model has Bluetooth.

What does that do? Well it’s a little unclear by the info I could find, but maybe send files directly to your iphone, ipad or PC? More info on the Bluetooth feature coming soon.


The GPS system automatically and very accurately pin-points your exact location, speed and altitude all the time when it’s recording. I guess you could say it ‘syncs’ the data with the footage.

So when you play back and watch your recordings with the interactive map and video player, you can see more than just the picture from the camera. You get the stats to add that extra thrill element to your viewing pleasure.

Want A Contour GPS? Get Yours Here

Create a MAP to prove you were there.

This cool feature will let you analyze and compare stats with your friends to try to beat them.. or just beat your own records!

So let’s say you’re using it to record your drifting or circuit racing runs.

You can analyze your speed in certain areas of the track. See who was faster around this corner, down this straight?

The tracking for location might not be ultra useful for drifting or motor racing.It depends how pin-point it really is.

If it’s really accurate, you can trace and compare your racing/drifting lines which is really cool.

On the other hand, it could even get you into trouble with the law if you decide to do some illegal street drifting.. watch out!

Recording altitude may not be that useful of a feature either for car racing… unless you’re doing jumps off the famous Ebisu circuit’s south course jump and want to see how much air you got! 😉

Is This The Best Action Camera for Motorsport?

Quite possibly if you think how the GPS system can help you and how well it works to monitor and record your speed, location and altitude!

Regardless of the GPS, the ContourGPS is a great HD action camera suitable for any extreme sport as all the Contour models.

Action cameras just seem to keep getting better and better. What will they think of next?

At this rate 3D action cameras will be here by Christmas! (update: they already are)

But today, the Contour GPS HD has it all and more.

Get the full specs, prices and availability below…

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– Drift Cam

p.s. You may also be interested in the Contour+ (plus) camera. It takes HD action cameras to yet another level!