Contour Competition – Make A Movie And Win Prizes

Big news this week from contour! They are officially launching their next contest on the Summer Shred Showdown! It’s March Radness, but for mountain bikes!

Here’s a special message from them: The USA is challenging the world in this head-to-head bracket, not because we’re egocentric, but because half of our customers are US-based and the other half are international, so it all works out!

The premise is simple: submit a video of yourself doing your very best mountain biking by July 18th!

We’ll update you between now and then on how to advance further into the contest. The eventual winner will get hooked up with prizes from Transition bikes, Gravity, Dakine, Bear Back Biking, Contour AND get to spend time on the set of Anthill Films’ new movie, Strength in Numbers! Start shooting now!

If only this guy didn’t work for Contour…

We’re always trying to promote videos that are a complete package. Opening titles, music, and cool footage go a really long way in making a video watchable. Some of our friends in Norway put together a really great video of highlights from a local adventure TV show. How do they use their Contours? Let me count the ways!

It’s basically a highlight reel, and it’s pretty dang cool.

You may be wondering why this email is titled, “Shining Examples.” I wanted to show three videos that are all pretty different that showcase what a well put together video looks like. We’ve mentioned before that watching an edited piece is nice because it helps tie everything together.

Explore free editing software out there like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie to learn how to add music and titles to your clips. It’s amazing how much more entertaining they can be when you show off only the good stuff and none of the slow stuff. Speaking of the good stuff, how about we wrap up with some AH-mazing footage from Alaska?

Shred, Forrest, Shred!

I’ve seen a lot of people asking about Contour+ and various accessories on our Facebook page over the last week. Just a reminder, the Contour+ is available now, as is the waterproof case for the GPS camera.

You can find your closest retailer by clicking here!

The waterproof case for the + will be out very soon. Oh, what’s that? The Android app? Yes, yes, it’s coming. I know I’ve been saying that For-Ev-Er (name that movie for a gold star!), but I promise you that it really is coming soon!

We’re just working out a few last minute tweaks to make sure it’s shipshape for you!

That’s all for this week. Get out there and capture some cool footage!

– Drift Cam