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Massive Snowmobile Jump

ShareEver wake up and feel like riding a snowmobile off a ski jump? This guy did, a professional snowmobile rider named Daniel Bodin. Looks like much of the video was filmed with a helmet camera.. Gopro? Perhaps.. anyway this video is short and sweet, but gets you pumped if you’re an adrenalin junkie. – Drift …

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Base Jumping From 300 Meters At Menara Kuala Lumpur

ShareWe’re into anything that pumps adrenaline here at Drift Cam. Check out this rad video from a Turbolenza Base jumping team event held in 2012 at Menara Kuala Lumpur. Mad fun and what a great location. Base jumping is one of the extreme sports you want to capture on video and with all the helmet cameras on the …

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Lego Powered Hot Rod – How Does It Work?

ShareIf you’re wondering if the LEGO powered car you’ve seen videos of on Youtube and Facebook really does drive, then yes it does drive and the engine is made of Lego and runs on air. Air? WTF? How does a plastic engine made of lego run on air and push a full-size car? you ask? …

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Drift Fail Compilation 2013 [Vid]

Share2013 is coming to an end.. and I was looking over the past year of Drift Fail Compilation videos on Youtube. I admit, most Fail compilation vids are crap, but this one has some cool scratch-editing to go with the cool beat. Check it out. It’s funny how these young kids just crash and crash …

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Drifting Compilation with DUBSTEP

ShareIt’s been ages since I posted a review or video for that matter. I was browsing Youtube and came across this cool drifting compilation vid with a cool dubstep soundtrack. A good video to watch and chill out to. You’ll notice a few famous video clips in it. It’s kind of a mash between the …

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GoPro “Bullet Time” – Ken Block Gymkhana Four The Hollywood Megamercial

ShareKen Block’s Gymkhana Four Hollywood Megamercial has been viewed over 8.2 million flippin’ times, so I will be very surprised if you haven’t see it yet. If you haven’t you’ve got to see it! Check out out at the bottom of this post. You might notice a few times in the video a kind of …

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In Car Drifting Video

ShareThis has got to be the single most viewed in car drifting video on the internet… it’s pretty old but it’s still awesome! This is raw drifting talent at it’s best. Low power but lots of speed and angle.

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Drift Car Crash On Board Camera

ShareA Nissan 240sx on a slippery drift track with concrete walls close to the edge of the track all the way round can’t end well. This video gives you a view of what the passenger saw as he watched the concrete wall come at him at 40mph.

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Drifting Video With Onboard Camera

Drifting with Onboard camera video. Watch this drifting through the eyes of the On-car camera. Thanks to the guy who uploaded it. Nice song too!