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Gopro Hero 4 Release Date

ShareGoing by the almost regular release cycle of GoPros, around 12 months, the public is eagerly awaiting the release of GoPro Hero 4.   The excitement is because of two primary reasons: first, there is likely to be a further drop in the price of GoPro 3, and second, the GoPro Hero 4 is expected …

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GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Review

ShareThe GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition is the sequel to GoPro Hero 3 and which was a market leader on its own. It appears too soon for an upgrade, given its name, which suggests that it is just a tweak rather than a new version. That aside, it still has lots of improvements over its …

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Drift HD Ghost vs. GoPro Hero 3

ShareWhen the GoPro Hero 3 came out, it left everyone salivating as GoPro is usually seen as the leader in action cameras, but the Drift HD Ghost has arrived to the market. A lot of people are wondering which one is better or what makes each one different from the other. In this comparison article, …

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GoPro Baby Dubstep Superbowl Commercial

ShareHere’s a quick “superbowl” commercial the guys at GoPro made for the occasion. Love the slo-motion ending scenes of the baby flying with the helmet camera facing back on his face. Very clever GoPro! But did this really air during the 2013 Superbowl? I heard the price for a 30 second ad spot was a …

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Review Of GoPro 3 Black Edition

GoPro 3 black review

ShareThe Most Advanced GoPro We’ve Seen – The New Hero 3 ‘Black Edition’ Reviewed GoPro is continually leading the way for action cameras. Their latest release of the Hero 3 seems to be better in every way and leads the market in advancements. Light, smaller, more powerful, better sound, faster photos and improved lens design …

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How to Fix a Broken GoPro Camera or Lens

ShareHave you just come home from what was supposed to be a “fun” day of making videos with you new GoPro camera but it suddenly turned bay because you dropped your GoPro and now it’s broken? Oh no! 🙁 Fixing a broken GoPro camera is possible but it really depends on how badly it is …

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Best Place To Buy GoPro Motorsports HERO – World’s Best Motorsport Camera

Go Pro Motorsports Hero

ShareHi, thanks for checking out this page and it’s a good thing that you did! If you’re searching for the best place buy a GoPro Motorsports HERO action camera online, this short buyers guide will show you where to get the best deal so you don’t get ripped off by paying too much or get …

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Funny Video Of Seagull Stealing GoPro Camera

ShareJust to mix things up and have a little fun, I came across this interesting video of a seagull stealing and flying away with a GoPro camera! No- it wasn’t a person filming the Seagull flying in the sky.. it’s the footage from the GoPro itself when it was stolen and taken for a ride …

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GoPro 3D HERO – First 3D Action Camera(s)?

gopro 3d system

ShareGoPro has just released it’s new 3D action camera system! This is my short review on the new 3D set up from GoPro. Now, just a word of warning.. When you hear the word “3D”, you think “Wow!.. a new 3D camera from GoPro!” But unfortunately, that’s not the case. It’s NOT a new 3D …

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GoPro HD Hero 960 – A Cheap HD Action Camera

gopro hero 960 helmet cam

What is the best cheap HD action camera on the market? You’ll be happy to know the GoPro 960 is super cheap and offers all the great reliability and quality you’d expect from a GoPro Hero.