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How to Fix a Broken Drift HD Camera or Lens

Replacement lens kit for the drift hd camera

ShareYou get your new Drift HD home and take it out for some action and fun, then disaster strikes. Oh NO! You drop your shiny new camera and the lens shatters and/or it suddenly stops working. What do you do? It depends on how bad the damage is. If it’s a complete write-off, then you’ll …

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Skydiving With A Drift HD [Video]

ShareThe Drift HD can capture your thrills in beautiful HD quality so you can relive them over and over. Here’s one fellow who took his Drift HD skydiving. No other way to capture the experience quite like this… Have you got a Drift HD yet? Check out the latest deals here… Click here for USA …

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The New Drift HD Action Camera – Read This BEFORE You Buy!

Drift HD suction mount

ShareThe Original Drift HD Camera The Drift HD camera was released in 2011 and remains a popular choice but now Drift has released the new Drift HD Ghost (read my Drift HD Ghist review here) so it’s harder to come by new stock of this camera. Looking To Buy Online? Click Here To Buy Drift …

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Drift HD Review – Smaller, Smarter, A GoPro Killer?

Drift HD review

ShareThanks for coming to check out my review of the Drift HD action camera from Drift Innovation. First off, this camera has been flying off the shelves since it was released earlier this year (2011) and goes in and out of stock so click here to check if it’s still available (US and Canada). If …

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