Camsports HDMax Extreme Review

Hey, thanks for coming to my website to check out my Camsports HDMax Extreme review.

You’re here because you’ve probably heard about this new action camera and want to learn more about it.

I’ll admit that it’s hard to find all the information in one spot online about the Camsports HDMax Extreme camera.

That’s mainly because it’s fairly new and not from a major brand like GoPro of Drift Innovation, so I hope this review will help you learn more and help you make a decision to buy if you see it’s right for you or not.

In this review, there are a few points I’ll be covering such as first impressions, unique features, customer reviews and where to buy it online at the best price.

HDMax Extreme First Impressions…


Slick and Sexy Design

At first sight, the HDMax Extreme looks very small and has quite a unique smooth shape, not like any other digital HD action camera we’ve seen before. It almost looks like some kind of military weapon!

Not a bad shape at all… actually quite sexy (in my opinion 😉 ).

It’s smooth and very compact making it convenient for you to carry around in your pocket or backpack and mount pretty much anywhere on your car or bike without getting in the way.

The next eye-catcher is the big LCD display whacked on the side of the sleek body of the camera. Straight away it gets points for having a screen (action cameras with a screen kick ass).

The LCD screen on the  HDMax Extreme is a 2 inch 960×240 pixels TF LCD Screen.

Nice and big for you to view your videos right after you record and also makes for error-free shot lining up.

Plus you’ll notice the nice big buttons right there next to the screen. These are for video replay and video settings.

On the other side is a big slide “record” button and on the thin edge is the main camera’s power button. Lots of buttons but you’ll just have to get used to them.

HD Video Specs from the Camsports HDMax Extreme

Like the name implies, the HDMax Extreme gives you all the options to film high quality HD video in the following settings:

Full HD1080i at 30fps and HD720p at 60fps – making it capable of amazing quality slow motion pictures.

There is also a 30fps option at 720fps and 480p at 30/60 fps for when you need to conserve memory but still want some slow-mo action.

High quality HD video is not the only area where the HDMax Extreme excels.

This thing takes awesome still photographs too!

This bad boy has high spec for producing great quality still photographs.

Just flick a switch to change this camera to photo mode and produce 5MP pictures (2560×1920 pixels).

You get 32 MB internal memory to store all your videos and photos, but allows for insertion of up to a 32GB MicroSD card for a massive amount of extra storage (MicroSD cards sold separately).

Other Hot Features…

The lens rotates 200 degrees so lining up a perfectly horizontal shot is easy, the lens shoots a fat 135° wide angle in 720p and 110° in 1080i.

camsports hdmax extreme review

What's In The Box?

There’s a built in mic but also an external jack for a remote mic (sold separately).

Under the camera, right next to the external mic input, you’ll find the HDMI output jack for easy playback on your HD tv.

What You Get In The Box

Inside the cool looking package, the HDMax Extreme comes with a whole lot of goodies.

The Li-Ion battery, 3 adhesive mounts, bike handle mount, lanyard, carry pouch, USB cable (also rechargeable via USB), AC charger, AV out cable, user manual (CD-rom), wireless remote, a HDMI cable.

The Best Place To Buy

After researching a few places online, I’ve found the best place to buy the HDMax Extreme in terms of price, delivery warranties and service.

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This really is an extreme camera that is up to the task of filming any extreme sport you can throw it at.

(disclaimer: throwing your action camera at anything is not recommended.. sorry, bad joke again!)

It is a little pricey compared to the other cameras on the market, but the features and compact size may be worth it.

– Drift Cam