Best Action Cameras of 2014 – Top 4

2014 started out with an amazing range of action cameras. They’ve become a must-have accessory for extreme sport enthusiasts who love to record themselves and friends in the action.

What are the best action cameras of 2014 to purchase this year? Find out the top 4 and what they have to offer in this showcase.

HERO3 Plus_black edition reviewGoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

GoPro continues to deliver high quality products and the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camera is no exception.

This action camera offers flexible video mode & recording thanks to its SuperView feature which allows you to capture footage at a resolution of 1080P with 4:3 aspect ratio resulting into a sharper definition in an immersive wide-angle perspective.

Another amazing feature is the New Auto Low light mode which allows you to capture excellent footage in rapidly changing light conditions.

It also boasts of 30% longer battery life compared to its predecessor, 4× faster WI-Fi, improved audio quality, powerful photo capture at 12MP with speeds of up to 30 F/s and so much more.

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Drift HD Ghost S

ghost-s review

The Drift HD Ghost S  is the only cation camera equipped with a wearable on-off remote control which allows you to take photos or change function modes from a distance of 10 meters.

Its in-built LCD screen is protected by Corning Gorilla glass which is scratch-proof even in the most rugged of terrains.

That’s not all, the Drift HD Ghost s  has a uniquely designed water-proof housing which allows it to capture footage underwater with depths of up to 180 feet without a case. If you are not awed then wait for this; did you know that the Drift HD Ghost allows you to shoot vibrant and clear still photos while you’re filming?

Definitely a big contender to the GoPro.

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Replay-XD_1080-150x150Replay XD 1080

How does the idea of live action via HDMI sound? Well with the Replay XD 1080 all this is possible – stream or record you video simultaneously on or to a transmitter/ external HD recorder.

The Replay XD 1080 is arguably the smallest and simplest action camera with finely tuned optics boosted by its f3.1, wide-angle 135º lens and anti-glare coating which allows for minimal image distortion and HD pictures full of color.

It also features a rugged and water-proof aluminum housing for the extreme user. Just mount or rotate, tilt, swivel and clip it on place and you’re ready to roll.

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toshiba_CamileoXToshiba Camileo X-Sports

Yeah it looks like a GoPro and it has many similar features as the GoPro.. but the Toshiba Camileo X-Sports has a few unique amazing features up its sleeve.

First is the Upside-Down mode which delivers your photos and videos right-side up even if the camera is mounted the other way. Next is the electronic image stabilizer which ensures that your footage does not look shaky. Its 10 * optical zoom facilitates ease of getting close to pictorial targets.

With a battery life of 5 hours, the Toshiba Camileo X-Sports allows you enough time to capture those exciting exploits be it underwater (maximum depth of 60 feet as long as its water-proof casing is on), on the road, snow ow wherever you might be.

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So which one do you want?

GoPro 3+Drift HD Ghost S  – Replay XD1080  – or,  Toshiba X Sports ?