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Finally Play Back Your GoPro Video With A BacPac

With the LCD BacPac screen for your GoPro HERO HD cameras, you are able to watch and listen back to your footage instantly. This is a long waited and very welcomed accessory for GoPro owners.

GoPro HD Hero 960 – A Cheap HD Action Camera

gopro hero 960 helmet cam

What is the best cheap HD action camera on the market? You’ll be happy to know the GoPro 960 is super cheap and offers all the great reliability and quality you’d expect from a GoPro Hero.

HD170 Stealth Review – Black Is Back

stealth camera from drift innovations

Drift Innovations HD170 Stealth camera review. See what the difference is between this camera and the other drift cameras.

MSR-200 HD Motorsport Camera Review

MRS 200 Hoyt Tech Camera

Hoyt Technologies MSR-200 review. Read about how this amazing camera can fit so many features into one compact unit, giving you the perfect onboard car HD camera for motorsports at an affordable price.

Contour GPS HD Camera – Best For Motor Sports?!

Read all about Contour GPS HD action hemlet camera. This amazing camera not only captures great HD video, it also has a GPS tracking system built in. This could be the best helmet camera for on-car motorsport use we’ve ever seen.

Drifting Video With Onboard Camera

Drifting with Onboard camera video. Watch this drifting through the eyes of the On-car camera. Thanks to the guy who uploaded it. Nice song too!

Best HD Action Camera For Car Racing?

What’s The Best HD Cam For In-Car On-Car? There are many HD action cams to choose from, but which is the best for the type you want? Here’s a look at the leading 4 HD cameras for car racing.

GoPro HERO Vs. HD170 by Drift Innovation – And the Winner is…

HD170 drift innovation vs. GoPro HERO HD 1080p review and comparison. Which is better? Many will say the Gopro is the best there is but many are being converted to the HD170.

Drift X170 Camera – Best Bang For Your Buck

The X170 sports action camera from drift innovation is a great quality camera that’s reliable, affordable and easy to use. It could be the best all-round motorsport camera to suit anyones budget.

Contour HD 1080p Action Camera Reviewed

The Contour HD 1080p is on sleek camera thats light, durable and very reliable. It’s the first wearable HD camera that makes it easy to shoot and share your video footage.