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Best Place To Buy A Drift HD170 Stealth Camera – Save $100

Drift Stealth Review

ShareHi and thanks for checking out this page. I’m assuming you’re thinking about buying the Drift HD170 Stealth action camera and if so, great because I’m going to fill you in on the best place to  buy the Drift HD170 Stealth action camera. What makes it the best place is because that at the moment, …

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Best Place To Buy GoPro Motorsports HERO – World’s Best Motorsport Camera

Go Pro Motorsports Hero

ShareHi, thanks for checking out this page and it’s a good thing that you did! If you’re searching for the best place buy a GoPro Motorsports HERO action camera online, this short buyers guide will show you where to get the best deal so you don’t get ripped off by paying too much or get …

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Funny Video Of Seagull Stealing GoPro Camera

ShareJust to mix things up and have a little fun, I came across this interesting video of a seagull stealing and flying away with a GoPro camera! No- it wasn’t a person filming the Seagull flying in the sky.. it’s the footage from the GoPro itself when it was stolen and taken for a ride …

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GoPro HD Hero Vs. ContourHD 1080p

Gopro Motorsports Hero Megapak

ShareProduct Update: The Contour HD 1080p has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Instead of the Contour HD 1080p, you may be interested in the Contour+ (PLUS) or Contour GPS. Hi and welcome to my review and comparison between these two great cameras. This review will help you if you’re weighing up …

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Camsports HDMax Extreme Review

camsports hdmax extreme review

ShareHey, thanks for coming to my website to check out my Camsports HDMax Extreme review. You’re here because you’ve probably heard about this new action camera and want to learn more about it. I’ll admit that it’s hard to find all the information in one spot online about the Camsports HDMax Extreme camera. That’s mainly …

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In Car Drifting Video

ShareThis has got to be the single most viewed in car drifting video on the internet… it’s pretty old but it’s still awesome! This is raw drifting talent at it’s best. Low power but lots of speed and angle.

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Contour Competition – Make A Movie And Win Prizes

ShareBig news this week from contour! They are officially launching their next contest on Contour.com: the Summer Shred Showdown! It’s March Radness, but for mountain bikes! Here’s a special message from them: The USA is challenging the world in this head-to-head bracket, not because we’re egocentric, but because half of our customers are US-based and …

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GoPro 3D HERO – First 3D Action Camera(s)?

gopro 3d system

ShareGoPro has just released it’s new 3D action camera system! This is my short review on the new 3D set up from GoPro. Now, just a word of warning.. When you hear the word “3D”, you think “Wow!.. a new 3D camera from GoPro!” But unfortunately, that’s not the case. It’s NOT a new 3D …

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Drift Car Crash On Board Camera

ShareA Nissan 240sx on a slippery drift track with concrete walls close to the edge of the track all the way round can’t end well. This video gives you a view of what the passenger saw as he watched the concrete wall come at him at 40mph.

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Contour+ ‘Plus’ Camera Review


ShareThanks for coming to check out my Contour Plus review. It’s a good thing you came here first because this review will give you all the info you are looking for about the Contour Plus camera. In this review you’ll learn all about this new high-tech action camera from Contour including it’s specs, features, customer …

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