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GoPro HERO 2 Review – Just How Much Better Is It?

Share My GoPro HD Hero 2 Review – The ‘Best’ Just Got Better The GoPro Hero 2 may look and feel like its earlier version, but is it any better than the former model? After a little bit of research it is clear that, yes, major improvements have been packed into its small, rugged body. …

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Best HD Action Camera of 2011

ShareWe had some great HD action camera releases this year – but which is the best action camera of 2011? This short article will take a look at all the popular action cameras released this year from the top brands like GoPro, Drift Innovation and Contour and hopefully we can decide on a winner! This …

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Which Waterproof Action Camera Is The Best For You?

drift hd170 stealth camera

SharePlanning to do a little diving, snorkeling or just have fun with your action camera underwater? Then you’re going to want to make sure your camera is waterproof so you can catch your footage without fear of the water getting inside the camera and screwing it up. If you’re looking to buy a waterproof action …

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Contour ROAM Review

Contour Roam review

ShareHi and thanks for checking out my Contour Roam review. The Contour Roam is Contour’s latest compact, hands-free action camera that is simple and easy to use.. and is very reasonably priced. Ready to Buy A Contour Roam Now? Click here to grab the new Contour Roam for just $199 from PointofViewCameras.com and receive free …

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GoPro “Bullet Time” – Ken Block Gymkhana Four The Hollywood Megamercial

ShareKen Block’s Gymkhana Four Hollywood Megamercial has been viewed over 8.2 million flippin’ times, so I will be very surprised if you haven’t see it yet. If you haven’t you’ve got to see it! Check out out at the bottom of this post. You might notice a few times in the video a kind of …

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GoPro Australia – Where is The Best Place To Buy?

GoPro Dealer Australia

ShareG’day! Thanks for coming to my site to find info on where the best place to buy a GoPro camera in Australia is. And you made a nice choice in cameras too with the GoPro. As they say “GoPro or Go Home”. The GoPro has to be the #1 choice for outdoor and extreme sport …

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Stealth Cam’s Epic HD Action Camera Review

Epic HD Action Camera Review

ShareHi there, thanks for coming to check out my Epic HD action camera review – a new action camera from Stealth Cam. Although this brand isn’t as well known as some of the bigger brands, they have quite a decent line-up of compact action cameras. Today we’re going to review their Epic HD Action Camera. …

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The New Drift HD Action Camera – Read This BEFORE You Buy!

Drift HD suction mount

ShareThe Original Drift HD Camera The Drift HD camera was released in 2011 and remains a popular choice but now Drift has released the new Drift HD Ghost (read my Drift HD Ghist review here) so it’s harder to come by new stock of this camera. Looking To Buy Online? Click Here To Buy Drift …

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Drift HD Review – Smaller, Smarter, A GoPro Killer?

Drift HD review

ShareThanks for coming to check out my review of the Drift HD action camera from Drift Innovation. First off, this camera has been flying off the shelves since it was released earlier this year (2011) and goes in and out of stock so click here to check if it’s still available (US and Canada). If …

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Where To Buy A Contour HD 1080p Action Camera Without Getting Ripped Off!

ContourHD 1080p

ShareLooking for the best place to buy a Contour 1080p action camera? Well you’ve come to the right place because this short review will show you where to buy it at the best price and to make sure you don’t get ripped off. Firstly, congratulations on your choice. Contour makes great cameras and the Contour …

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