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Drift Fail Compilation 2013 [Vid]

Share2013 is coming to an end.. and I was looking over the past year of Drift Fail Compilation videos on Youtube. I admit, most Fail compilation vids are crap, but this one has some cool scratch-editing to go with the cool beat. Check it out. It’s funny how these young kids just crash and crash …

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Drifting Compilation with DUBSTEP

ShareIt’s been ages since I posted a review or video for that matter. I was browsing Youtube and came across this cool drifting compilation vid with a cool dubstep soundtrack. A good video to watch and chill out to. You’ll notice a few famous video clips in it. It’s kind of a mash between the …

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Sticky: Action Camera Reviews, Cool Stuff & News

ShareHi and Welcome to DriftCam.com! As you may have already guessed, this site is all about Action cameras! We post fresh and in-depth reviews of new cameras, accessories and write up comparisons, plus share related products on here to help you learn more before you buy. You’ll find all the news on new camera and …

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GoPro 3 vs. Contour Roam 2

ShareIf you’re shopping around for action cameras, you’ve probably seen the GoPro 3 and the Contour Roam 2 as two of the most popular. When comparing the features, price, and quality of each one, they look a pretty close call. Here’s a brief summary and comparison of the two cameras.

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Drift HD Ghost vs. GoPro Hero 3

ShareWhen the GoPro Hero 3 came out, it left everyone salivating as GoPro is usually seen as the leader in action cameras, but the Drift HD Ghost has arrived to the market. A lot of people are wondering which one is better or what makes each one different from the other. In this comparison article, …

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GoPro Baby Dubstep Superbowl Commercial

ShareHere’s a quick “superbowl” commercial the guys at GoPro made for the occasion. Love the slo-motion ending scenes of the baby flying with the helmet camera facing back on his face. Very clever GoPro! But did this really air during the 2013 Superbowl? I heard the price for a 30 second ad spot was a …

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Review Of GoPro 3 Black Edition

GoPro 3 black review

ShareThe Most Advanced GoPro We’ve Seen – The New Hero 3 ‘Black Edition’ Reviewed GoPro is continually leading the way for action cameras. Their latest release of the Hero 3 seems to be better in every way and leads the market in advancements. Light, smaller, more powerful, better sound, faster photos and improved lens design …

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Drift HD Ghost Helmet Camera – Use With Smart Phone APP!

Share My Review Of The Drift HD Ghost Action Camera Drift Innovation has become known as the best award-winning company that specializes in producing world-class action cameras. They have now launched their new Drift HD Ghost helmet camera that is loaded with features and has become the most intuitive action camera yet! The biggest enhancement …

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Contour Roam 2 Review & Where To Buy

ShareMy In-Depth Contour Roam 2 Review The first Roam helmet camera was a huge hit. Now the Contour Roam 2 is here and like the first one, you’ll be living life in color as this video camera brings you brilliant updates making it a favorite on the market these days. This camera remains a top …

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Sony Action Camera Review HDR-AS15 & HDR-AS10

Sony Action camera pack

ShareOverview Sony has launched its first action camera to compete directly with the industry’s frontrunners GoPro, Drift and Contour, offering another tasty option for adventurous helmet camera consumers. The company actually released two models for the line up:- The HDR-AS15 and HDR-AS10. The two cameras are identical to look at. They have the same dimensions, specs …

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