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Akaso Brave 7 Review – What We Think Of This GoPro Killer

New Akaso Brave 7 Has Dual Screens

Welcome to our honest and in-depth Akaso Brave 7 review. AKASO has brought out the new Brave 7 – full-featured mid-priced action camera with a contemporary design and a multitude of features.

It is a very close GoPro competitor as the size and design are very similar but the big difference is the price – which is almost half that of a GoPro.

The stand-out feature of the Akaso brave 7 is the dual displays – one on the front and one on the back (back screen being a touchscreen), making for easy camera positioning whether doing selfies or shooting away from you. This was not a feature on any of Akaso’s previous camera models.

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The video resolution is up there with the best of them, shooting in 4K at 30 frames per second and full HD and standard HD at a range of usable frame rates. It has Wi-Fi connectivity, can take 20MP still pictures, incorporates a specialised driving mode for use as a vehicle DVR, allows slow motion and timelapse modes, and a loop-recording mode for security. That is a lot included in one small action camera.

It comes with a comprehensive set of attachment accessories. It includes an all-weather, water- and dust-proof casing for severe situations and a really beautiful small USB dual charger with two batteries.

Akaso Brave 7 Review

The Case & Camera Chassis

To begin with, the Akaso Brave 7 is waterproof right out of the box. The camera, without the external waterproof case, is waterproof up to 33ft/10 meters for 30 minutes. So take it swimming with you in a pool or on your surfboard as is, and the water-resistant casing will keep the water out.

For when you want to do more serious underwater dives, you get the external underwater case. It has a hinged top that allows you to open and close it quickly. The series of buttons on the topside let you adjust the magnification or snap photographs. The casing is designed to endure depths of 130 feet (about 39 m), which is slightly higher than other competing cameras.


Image & Video Quality

The Akaso Brave 7 captures video in stunning 4K resolution. As a consequence, even in broad photos, you’ll notice remarkable levels of detail. The frame rate is set to 30 frames per second, which helps to reduce motion blur. The Brave 7 impresses as an action camera once more.

When you’re moving, it’s at its finest recording video in 4K, documenting your travels smoothly and crisply. It does also, however, operate nicely as a still camera.

With a resolution of 20 megapixels, you can capture incredible detail and never forget what you’ve seen. The colour accuracy, however, skews towards the blue end of the spectrum. It’s usually possible to fix this with aftermarket software, although it can be annoying at first if you are extra picky about the color in your photos.


A pair of 1350mAh batteries come with the Brave 7 4K action camera. These batteries are interchangeable with those used in popular devices like vape pens, and they charge in the same manner.

You may either plug the camera indirectly or purchase additional batteries and a charger. In any case, a single charge will provide you with over 100 photographs or more than an hour of video. If you require more than that, having a backup set of batteries is highly recommended.


There is no provision for internal storage. It will, however, accept any MicroSD card with a capacity of 32GB to 128GB. As a result, you have a wide range of MicroSD storage options. For optimal performance, Akaso recommends a Samsung 64GB card. However, any MicroSD card that satisfies the requirements will function in practice.

Keep in mind that for the card to operate correctly, you’ll need to format it first. Using the camera’s built-in formatting function, this is simple to accomplish. You’re ready to go after your card has been formatted.

Additional Akaso Brave 7 Action Camera Features

Although it is quite an affordable action camera, it does not appear to lack features and usefulness.

It comes with a two-inch LCD touchscreen on the back, a smaller colour display screen on the front, voice control, remote control on a wristband, Wi-Fi, electronic image stabilisation 2.0, 8x digital zoom, adjustable view angle, and support for an external microphone.

A self-timer, driving mode, time-lapse video and special effects, loop recording, motion detection, and adjustable white balance are all included in the action camera. The waterproof case protects you from water, small rocks, dust, and scratches while keeping water out when diving up to 30m/98ft. It also includes the AKASO Go app, which is free to download and install on your phone or tablet. With this app, you can review, edit and share your photos and videos captured by the action camera without needing to connect to a computer. It’s all done wirelessly.


  • High portability
  • Water resistant even without the external case
  • User – friendly interface & Mobile app
  • A ton of features such as voice control and image stabilisation
  • High quality attachment accessories
  • 4K Resolution video / 20MP still shots
  • Lower priced than GoPro (about half the price)


  • Slight Blue color shift in still shots


Overall Akaso Brave 7 is a great value buy if you’re looking for an affordable action camera with all the bells and whistles. To begin with, the camera itself makes high quality video and stills. You get 4K video and 20-megapixel pictures – which are at the leading edge of technology – at a modest price. The negative is the blue shift that appears to be present in the photos. However, as previously said, even simple, free editing tools may readily correct this.

The battery life is more than adequate. It’s not spectacular, but it’ll get you through a day of sightseeing. Furthermore, because standard rechargeable batteries are used, you may readily obtain additional batteries from a third party relatively cheaply.

I hope our Akaso Brave 7 Action camera review was insightful to you. Please take a look at this camera on Amazon to learn more and purchase it if it suits your needs.


– Drift Cam Team